A big storm hit South Africa and flooded a place where they take care of baby sea turtles in Cape Town. Because of this, more than 500 turtles got stuck on the beaches instead of going safely into the ocean as they should. The place where they usually look after a few turtles at a time over many months got overwhelmed. Talitha Noble-Trull, who runs the center, is leading the rescue mission. Lots of volunteers and workers are helping to take care of the turtles that got stuck, especially the ones that are hurt, hungry, or sick. Excessive plastic waste in the water poses a serious threat to turtles, as they often ingest tiny plastic fragments. Even small pieces, as small as a fingernail, can cause harm. Turtles serve as indicators of ocean health, with the presence of plastic indicating pollution issues. Efforts are underway to rehabilitate turtles, highlighting the importance of protecting marine life and maintaining ocean cleanliness.