Soon, chicken farmers in the U.S. will have to follow tougher rules to make sure their chicken products are safer to eat. Starting in 2025, there will be a new rule that treats salmonella, a harmful germ, like a dangerous substance in certain types of chicken products that are breaded and stuffed. This means chicken products with too much salmonella cannot be sold and might need to be taken off the shelves. Salmonella makes a lot of people sick and can even cause deaths in the U.S., mostly from eating contaminated food. These specific chicken products have been linked to many outbreaks of salmonella over time, even though people have been taught how to cook them safely. This rule is a big step in making food safer by preventing salmonella contamination. It could mean more tests on chicken and stricter rules for how it is made. While some worry about job losses and less chicken available, others see it as vital for health. Similar rules for E. coli in ground beef have worked well, reducing illnesses. Food safety advocates support this rule to make ground beef safer by tightening regulations and monitoring more closely.