In a new television series, Mahatma Gandhi’s early years, before he rose to become the revered leader of India, are being vividly portrayed. This biographical depiction aims to shed light on Gandhi’s lesser-known experiences in Britain, where he initially went to study law. The story is based on the extensive research of historian Ramachandra Guha, particularly his works “Gandhi Before India” and “Gandhi: The Years that Changed the World.” The series seeks to offer a fresh perspective on Gandhi’s life, focusing on his journey from a reserved young man to a prominent national figure. Spanning three seasons, the series mirrors the intricate character development seen in acclaimed shows like ‘The Crown’, aiming to deliver a nuanced exploration of Gandhi’s formative years, which are often overshadowed by his later achievements.

The project is a collaborative endeavor spearheaded by Applause Entertainment, under the leadership of managing director Sameer Nair. Nair emphasizes the rich narrative potential of Gandhi’s early life, highlighting the importance of portraying his journey authentically. Production commenced earlier this year, with filming taking place across India and Britain, showcasing an international effort to capture the authentic settings of Gandhi’s youth. Director Hansal Mehta, along with actor Pratik Gandhi (who, despite sharing no familial ties with Mahatma Gandhi, has portrayed him in stage productions), endeavors to depict a more relatable and human aspect of Gandhi. They emphasize that Gandhi’s greatness was not inherent but was shaped by life’s diverse experiences. Additionally, the inclusion of British actor Tom Felton in the cast as Josiah Oldfield, a contemporary of Gandhi during his time in London, aims to bridge cultural narratives and attract a global audience, particularly younger viewers, enhancing the series’ appeal and educational significance.