The upcoming hurricane season in Hawaii is expected to be calmer than usual, according to forecasters. They predict fewer storms compared to last year, mainly because of changing climate patterns known as El Nino and La Nina. El Nino and La Nina affect ocean temperatures in the Pacific Ocean, influencing global weather patterns. When El Nino shifts to La Nina, there are usually fewer hurricanes in the Pacific region, while the Atlantic region sees more. However, it is important to note that this prediction only talks about overall tropical storm activity in the central Pacific area and does not specify how many storms will hit Hawaii.

Even though forecasters expect a quieter season, officials emphasize the importance of being prepared for extreme weather. Many homes in Hawaii, particularly those built with single-wall construction, are vulnerable during natural disasters. These houses lack protection against hurricanes, and their foundations are often not securely anchored. Despite being cheaper to build, these homes face higher risks due to global warming, which leads to stronger storms. In summary, while this year’s hurricane season in Hawaii is anticipated to be less active than usual, residents need to remain prepared for potential extreme weather events, regardless of the forecast.