Mount Fuji, a very important and tall mountain in Japan, can no longer be seen from a popular spot on a nearby road. The local authorities in Fujikawaguchiko installed a large barrier that covers the view. This action was taken to address problems caused by tourists, such as too much trash and unauthorized parking. These issues were disturbing the local area and making the roads dangerous. A person living in the area expressed concern about tourists crossing the road in unsafe places.

In the first three months of 2024, the number of tourists visiting Japan increased a lot, bringing more money to the country. This rise in visitors was helped by the value of Japan’s money going down, which made traveling cheaper for people from other countries. However, this growth in tourism has also created problems, like too many people in certain places at once. As a result, some cities and vacation spots are thinking about adding new taxes for tourists to help control the situation. One visitor from France, who came to see Mount Fuji before the barrier was put up, understood why the local people were worried about the negative effects of tourism.