Toyota Motor is currently testing a new electric version of its Hilux pickup truck to see how well it performs in various environmental conditions. The company plans to start making this electric vehicle in Thailand by the end of 2025. As pickups are incredibly popular in Thailand, making up more than half of all vehicle sales, this move is strategic. It aims to keep Toyota competitive, especially against rising electric vehicle producers from China. Pras Ganesh, the Executive Vice President of Toyota Motor Asia, highlighted this initiative during the Future Mobility Asia Summit, noting Toyota’s commitment to adapt and innovate in response to shifting market demands. Additionally, Toyota is examining how the heavier battery impacts the truck’s capacity to carry loads. This is crucial to ensure the electric Hilux meets the practical needs of its users. Despite tough competition from global leaders like Tesla and China’s BYD, Toyota is leveraging its success in the hybrid market. In 2023, hybrids accounted for about 11.5% of Toyota’s total vehicle sales in Thailand, indicating Toyota’s effective strategy in a market trending towards more sustainable automotive solutions.