A recent study investigated how Hollywood movies from 2013 to 2022 depicted climate change. The research aimed to find out if these films recognized climate change as a real issue and if the characters in these movies were aware of its effects. Surprisingly, most of these films failed a crucial “climate reality check.” This assessment determines if films acknowledge climate change and if characters are aware of its impacts. Few movies included climate change in their storylines. Surprisingly, some non-climate-focused films passed the test, while some that addressed the topic did not. Streaming platforms offered a wider variety of climate change movies than major studios. Experts believe such studies are important for marketing and education, fostering discussions on global issues like climate change.

The researchers compared their climate reality check to the Bechdel-Wallace test, which evaluates gender representation in movies. This comparison highlights the importance of addressing climate change in modern storytelling. By revealing the deficiencies in how climate change is shown in popular culture, the study aims to spark more extensive discussions about environmental issues. The study indicates a growing demand among audiences for more realistic and socially relevant stories in movies. This research is expected to influence filmmakers to create content that better reflects the reality of climate change and its impacts on society.