New rules for hiking Mount Fuji’s Yoshida Trail aim to manage crowds and address safety and waste issues. From July 1 to September 10, only 4,000 climbers are allowed daily. Most must book online in advance, though some spots are available for last-minute climbers. A fee helps maintain the mountain. These regulations protect the environment and ensure climber safety. Hikers must choose between day or overnight trips at one of four “5th stations” and will receive a QR code to prevent night climbing without accommodations. Shizuoka Prefecture, close to Mount Fuji, has been requesting donations since 2014 and is considering more environmental rules. Tourism at Mount Fuji is nearing pre-pandemic levels, driven by social media. This reflects Japan’s larger issue of overtourism, with experts predicting record-high tourist numbers in 2024. The new Mount Fuji rules are part of a broader effort to manage tourists and protect natural and cultural sites in Japan.