A new trend called the “no-buy challenge” is becoming popular. It is about people trying to spend only on things they really need for a whole year, like food and bills, and not buying stuff they do not really need, like clothes and makeup. This trend is big on a few sites. For example, one person from Brooklyn joined the challenge to pay off their credit card debt from buying expensive old clothes. Another person from San Diego, who just finished college, joined to save money and help the environment after using a special app. They kept track of their spending every month to see what they truly needed to buy. Even an English student gave up dating for a while to save money for rent. A person from Detroit started giving advice online about living with fewer things, which is called minimalism. This challenge helps people control their money, spend less on unnecessary things, and be kinder to the planet. People who tried it say it helped them owe less money, save more, and have simpler lives. These stories show why it is important to think carefully about using money and to have self-control over finances. As more people learn about this trend on social media, it shows how small choices can make a big difference in how we spend money and take care of the Earth.