A fire happened at Legoland in Denmark, wrecking Miniland, a spot with tiny Lego versions of famous buildings. It started around 4 a.m. on Wednesday, probably because an electric car was charging overnight. Cameras caught the fire starting near the car. Even though they put out the fire fast, lots of Lego models and a part designed like a Danish port got messed up. A Legoland spokesperson, Kasper Tangsig, said since there was not any other activity at the time, it was likely an electrical problem. They are now checking all electrical stuff in Miniland to make sure it is safe. Legoland, near the Lego HQ in Billund, has been open since 1968 and gets 1.6 million visitors yearly. It has rides, restaurants, and places to play with Lego bricks. Miniland, the main attraction, uses 20 million bricks for tiny models of famous places. Even with the fire, people still love going to Legoland. Lego, which means “play well” in Danish, started in 1932. In 2025, Merlin Entertainments bought Legoland parks. They are still figuring out what caused the fire and what will happen to Miniland.