A fire erupted at Legoland in Denmark, causing significant harm to part of Miniland, a well-liked section of the theme park recognized for its detailed Lego brick copies of famous buildings. The incident happened early on Wednesday morning, approximately at 4 a.m., and is believed to have been triggered by a short circuit in one of the electric cars used in the park. Surveillance footage displayed that the fire started in the car while it was being charged overnight. Although the fire was swiftly put out, several replica buildings in Miniland were ruined, and an area designed after a Danish port was also greatly harmed. Kasper Tangsig, who represents Legoland, indicated that there was no other activity at that time, leading to the conclusion that the fire was likely caused by an electrical issue. Consequently, a comprehensive examination of all electrical equipment in Miniland is planned to ensure safety.

Legoland, located near Lego HQ in Billund, began in 1968, attracting 1.6 million visitors annually. It features rides, eateries, and play areas with Lego bricks. Its main attraction, Miniland, employs 20 million bricks for miniature landmarks. Despite a recent fire, Legoland remains a leading Danish tourist destination. Established in 1932, Lego means “play well” in Danish. Merlin Entertainments purchased Legoland parks in 2025. The reason for the fire is under scrutiny, and the future of Miniland is uncertain.