A new study in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences shows cockroaches come from Southeast Asia and spread worldwide with humans. Scientists looked at DNA from 280 cockroach samples from 17 countries and six continents. They found German cockroaches, now all over, started in Asia 2,100 years ago. The study says they moved west to the Middle East about 1,200 years ago, maybe with soldiers. Later, they went to Europe with Dutch and British ships 270 years ago. Cockroaches thrive in various environments, particularly indoors, partly due to technological advancements like the steam engine and indoor plumbing. These innovations not only benefit humans but also create favorable conditions for cockroaches to live and reproduce in urban areas. Scientists say knowing how cockroaches move and change is key to stopping them. Cockroaches get stronger against bug sprays, so it is important to understand them. This study helps experts learn how to deal with cockroaches in homes and cities.