Apple has introduced some new features for iPhones, iPads, and Macs. These features are called “Apple Intelligence.” They make tasks easier and help with creativity. One important addition is ChatGPT from OpenAI, which is working with Siri to do more things. Tim Cook, the CEO, says these updates are a big change for technology. They work on Apple devices made since 2020. Apple is also improving texting on iMessage. They’re adding something called Rich Communications Service (RCS). This makes texting better between iPhones and Android phones. Additionally, it’s now easier to write text messages with the help of AI. After the announcement, Apple’s stock went down a bit. But experts are hopeful because Apple is good at design and marketing. Apple promises users that they consider privacy to be significant. They say the AI features stay on the device, so personal data is safe. This shows that they care about privacy and are leaders in technology.