Apple has announced new AI features called “Apple Intelligence” for iPhones, iPads, and Macs. These features aim to simplify tasks and boost creativity. A key addition is OpenAI’s ChatGPT into Siri, enhancing Siri’s intelligence and utility. CEO Tim Cook highlighted these updates as a significant shift towards personalized technology. These updates will be available on Apple devices released from 2020 onwards. Apple is also upgrading its messaging system by adding Rich Communications Service (RCS) to iMessage, improving communication between iPhones and Android devices. Additionally, users will be able to schedule text messages using AI for added convenience.

Following the announcement, Apple saw a slight drop in stock prices. However, experts remain optimistic about Apple’s future due to its strong design and marketing history. Apple has reassured users about their privacy, emphasizing that most AI functions will run on the device rather than on remote servers. This approach aims to protect user data and maintain customer trust. By balancing innovation with privacy, Apple aims to give users confidence in their expanding AI capabilities. Overall, these updates demonstrate Apple’s commitment to integrating the latest AI technologies while prioritizing user experience, security, and privacy, positioning the company as a leader in the next phase of technological development.