Recent research shows that space tourists, like astronauts, experience physical changes while in space. These changes, caused by zero gravity and radiation, usually go away after returning to Earth. Learning about these changes helps prepare for future space trips and ensures the safety of tourists, who have less training than astronauts. Space tourism started in 2001 and grew with companies offering short trips. In 2021, researchers studied a three-day spaceflight to observe how the body reacts to space quickly. The participants collected biological samples, revealing cellular changes, including effects on the immune system. Most changes went back to normal after returning to Earth, indicating that short-term space travel doesn’t cause serious long-term health problems. The findings, published in Nature journals, showed how space travel affects the body, such as the skin, kidneys, and immune system. This information is important for reducing risks and keeping space tourists and astronauts safe. It also helps develop strategies for adapting to longer missions, like trips to Mars.