Several hikers fell sick while visiting a famous tourist spot in Arizona known for its stunning blue-green waterfalls near Grand Canyon National Park. One of them, Madelyn Melchiors, a 32-year-old veterinarian, became seriously ill after camping on the Havasupai reservation. Despite the difficult conditions, she managed to hike back to her car with assistance. She mentioned using a gravity-fed filter for drinking water, which does not remove viruses, and maintaining good cleanliness. The Indian Health Service is investigating the outbreak and offering medical assistance. Coconino County health officials advised hikers to be cautious, such as filtering water and isolating sick people to prevent the spread of illnesses like norovirus.

Thousands of tourists visit the Havasupai reservation annually, arriving by foot, helicopter, or mule. The 8-mile journey to the first waterfall crosses the desert, a village, and camping spots. Tourism is crucial, yet facilities at the campsite are limited, with recent reports citing litter issues. Water tests near a spring indicated safety, but reports of sickness led some to leave by helicopter. Social media posts detailed stomach problems. The influx strains resources like water and waste management. The tribe considers infrastructure improvements, including better filtration and campsite cleanliness rules, to protect locals, visitors, and the environment.