The United States is facing various extreme weather conditions. In Florida, there are floods, and a heat wave is expected soon. The Northwest is cold, and snow might be seen in the Rockies. The Midwest is dealing with severe storms and flash floods. Meteorologist David Roth said these weather patterns are unusually intense. In the Northwest, thunderstorms have hit, and there are frost warnings in Idaho. Phoenix recently reached 111°F, and cooling centers have helped over 5,000 people. Despite Arizona’s monsoon season, dry conditions are expected next week. The upper Midwest, especially Minnesota, is experiencing heavy rainfall from an atmospheric river. In Tennessee, attendees of the Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival are dealing with hot weather, and some need medical help for heat-related issues. Looking ahead, the Mid-Atlantic and New England regions could see record-breaking temperatures next week. Parts of Montana are under winter storm watches, raising concerns about wet snow and blocked roads. The United States is dealing with a wide range of extreme weather, from heat waves to unexpected snowfall.