Heatwaves are affecting many parts of the Northern Hemisphere, leading authorities and health experts to issue warnings for public health protection. Heat presents serious health risks, including symptoms like dizziness and thirst from heat exhaustion and more severe conditions such as heatstroke, which can cause organ damage if not treated promptly. Experts caution that as temperatures increase due to climate change, the risk of heat-related illnesses will rise, particularly affecting vulnerable groups like infants, the elderly, and individuals with conditions such as diabetes or heart disease. Intense heat and humidity make sweating less helpful, making people more likely to get sick from heat. Hot weather can also make bacteria grow and dirty water, which can lead to diseases. Farming is also in danger because heat can hurt crops and food safety. Predictions about the future say that more people might get sick worldwide from heat by 2030. This means action needs to be taken now to stay safe. Countries are taking action by limiting outdoor activities, opening cool places, and telling people to drink water and rest during extreme heat. Getting quick medical help for heatstroke is very important to keep everyone healthy during heatwaves.