Mayumi Kitakata, who is 57 years old and lives in central Tokyo, uses an AI app called CatsMe! to keep her 14-year-old cat, Chi, healthy. The app, made by Carelogy and Nihon University, finds signs of pain in cats, making vet visits less stressful. Kitakata likes how well it checks Chi’s health. In Japan, pets are very important, especially with fewer children and more elderly people. CatsMe! has become very popular since it started, with over 230,000 users. The app is very accurate, with a rating of over 95%, and it keeps getting better as it learns from more cat pictures. Professor Kazuya Edamura from Nihon University says vets can usually find animal pain, but it is harder for pet owners. He says over 70% of old cats have problems like arthritis, but few get the right care. The app helps by warning owners about health issues. Kitakata watches Chi’s daily actions and uses the app to check his facial expressions. She hopes this technology will stop what happened to her other cat, Soran, who died of cancer even with regular vet visits. Kitakata’s use of this app shows how technology and love can work together in modern pet care to make Chi’s life better.