Mayumi Kitakata, a 57-year-old from central Tokyo, uses the AI app CatsMe! to ensure her 14-year-old cat, Chi, stays healthy. Developed by Carelogy and Nihon University, CatsMe! detects cat discomfort, easing vet visit stress. Kitakata appreciates its effectiveness in monitoring Chi’s health, especially in Japan where pets are crucial in homes amid an aging population and declining birth rates.

CatsMe! has gained significant traction since its launch, attracting over 230,000 users. It boasts an impressive accuracy rate exceeding 95%, expected to improve as its AI learns from a growing database of feline images. Nihon University professor Kazuya Edamura explains that while veterinarians can often detect animal discomfort, it is more challenging for pet owners. He highlights that over 70% of elderly cats suffer from ailments like arthritis, with only a small fraction receiving proper medical attention. The app serves as a crucial tool for preliminary assessment, alerting owners to potential health issues. Kitakata closely monitors Chi’s daily activities, using the app to analyze his facial expressions. She hopes this technology will prevent a recurrence of what happened with her previous cat, Soran, who tragically lost the battle with cancer despite regular vet visits. Kitakata’s commitment reflects a blend of technology and affection in modern pet care, aiming to enhance Chi’s quality of life through AI-driven health monitoring.