The Amerigo Vespucci, Italy’s most famous ship, is starting a worldwide journey to celebrate its home country. Officials have announced that during this trip, the ship will stop at different ports to show off Italian culture and products. Named after the explorer Amerigo Vespucci, who gave his name to America, this naval ship was launched in 1931. It has three tall masts with 2,700 square meters (29,000 square feet) of sails and a crew of over 260 sailors and trainees. The ship left Genoa last July for its first world trip in 20 years, visiting more than 30 ports on five continents to train its crew. Italy will open special villages and exhibitions at eight ports, starting in Los Angeles. Minister Guido Crosetto highlighted the Vespucci’s historical importance and its new role as a modern symbol. Other events are planned in Tokyo, Singapore, Mumbai, and Darwin. At these ports, the main squares will feature cooking shows, lectures, exhibitions, and tours of the Vespucci. In Los Angeles, Italy’s Frecce Tricolori aerobatics team will perform. Vespucci plans to return to Italy by March 2025. Commander Giuseppe Lai, speaking from the ship near Mexico, emphasized its strong connection with Italian communities worldwide and its role as a proud ambassador for Italy.