A university team discovered a group of flying squirrels while removing a dying tree. This was surprising since these animals are not usually found in Nebraska. The discovery was recorded by a team member. Professor Larkin Powell, a nature conservation expert, explained that flying squirrels are hard to find because they are small and active at night. These squirrels were living in the tree canopy near the School of Natural Resources. Flying squirrels glide through the air rather than flying like birds. According to the National Wildlife Federation, southern flying squirrels are common in the eastern U.S., while northern flying squirrels live in the Northeast, West Coast, and parts of the Northwest. Scientist Shaun Dunn, who has observed flying squirrels in Lincoln since 2018, notes that they glide smoothly. Professor Don Althoff, who has studied southern flying squirrels for nearly thirty years, explains that they look clumsy on the ground despite their graceful gliding. This discovery has excited university faculty and students, encouraging them to learn more about flying squirrels and highlighting the need to protect wildlife.