Simon Cowell, famous for starting One Direction on “The X Factor” fourteen years ago, is now trying to create another popular boy band in the UK. He plans to find new talent aged 16–18 in Liverpool, Dublin, and London this summer. His goal is to make these new singers as famous as One Direction, who became well-known on his TV singing show and later split up. In a recent interview, Cowell was surprised that there have not been many successful UK bands since One Direction. He said TV shows like his helped new musicians become famous, such as Diana Ross and Beyonce, who were in groups. Cowell’s new project will not have weekly TV shows or voting. It might be a documentary series showing how hard it is to choose singers. Cowell thinks talent shows still help new artists get noticed, even though there are lots of new songs every day and only a few UK artists are famous worldwide. He knows K-pop bands like BTS are popular, but he wants to make a boy band that is unique and authentic. He said it has been hard to find singers who are good enough.