Brazilian collector Cassio Brandao, a 41-year-old employee at Google, achieved a notable feat in April by obtaining the Guinness World Records title for amassing the largest collection of soccer shirts globally. His collection, which began in 2000, now totals 6,101 shirts, ranging from rare Pele jerseys to a 1998 World Cup shirt signed by Ronaldo. Brandao emphasized the significance of his collection by stating that the items represent not just fabric pieces, but narratives that offer insights into the history of soccer.

Brandao manages his extensive collection at the headquarters of “Alambrado Soccer & Culture,” a collectors club he established in Sao Paulo. The club, comprising 60 members, serves as a hub for trading stories and jerseys, some of which are valued at up to 40,000 reais ($7,400). Among the prized items is the shirt worn by Pele during his historic meeting with Queen Elizabeth in 1968 at Rio de Janeiro’s Maracana stadium, marking a poignant moment in Brazilian sports history. Additionally, Brandao proudly exhibits memorabilia such as a 1994 Brazil jacket worn by seven-time Formula One world champion Lewis Hamilton at the Sao Paulo Grand Prix last year. Hamilton, an honorary Brazilian citizen, borrowed the outfit for the event. A substantial portion of Brandao’s collection is dedicated to his beloved local club Corinthians, featuring jerseys worn by notable figures like Ronaldo and Socrates. Brandao remarked that each shirt encapsulates a unique narrative, documenting triumphs, setbacks, and resilience, underscoring the profound stories embedded within each piece. His passion for soccer and its cultural heritage is evident in his ongoing dedication to preserving and sharing these artifacts with fellow enthusiasts.