Cassio Brandao, a 41-year-old Google employee from Brazil, set a Guinness World Record in April for collecting the largest collection of soccer shirts: 6,101 in total. His collection includes rare gems like Pele’s jerseys and a 1998 World Cup shirt signed by Ronaldo. Beyond mere fabric, Brandao views his collection as a repository of soccer history, reflecting his deep passion for the sport. He manages these items meticulously at the “Alambrado Soccer & Culture” club, which he founded in Sao Paulo. With 60 members, the club serves as a hub for sharing stories and trading jerseys, some valued at as much as 40,000 reais ($7,400).

Brandao’s collection includes many notable items, such as the shirt Pele wore during his meeting with Queen Elizabeth in 1968 at the Maracana stadium, an important event in Brazilian sports history. Another valuable item is a 1994 Brazil jacket worn by Lewis Hamilton, a seven-time Formula One world champion, at the Sao Paulo Grand Prix last year. Hamilton, an honorary Brazilian citizen, borrowed the jacket for the event. The collection also features jerseys from Brandao’s favorite local club, Corinthians, worn by famous players like Ronaldo and Socrates. Brandao said each shirt tells a unique story of triumph, struggle, and perseverance. His dedication to preserving and sharing these artifacts shows his deep love for soccer’s cultural heritage, making his collection a treasure for fans and historians.