People nowadays choose what is easier and more convenient until they ended up getting stuck in their comfort zones and neglecting their physical health. People thought that being comfortable is favorable to the body. But the truth is, it’s not. It only makes the body weaker and leaves its maximum ability undiscovered.

Moving more and sitting less were proven to prolong life according to the new study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology on January 7, 2019. The study found out that if you will do light physical activities for 30 minutes instead of staying in a sedentary position, it lowers the risk of mortality by 17%. Replacing 30 minutes of desk-bound time with doing moderate to vigorous activities for 30 minutes lowers risk by 35%.

The researchers studied 7,999 people, ages 49 and above in the years 2009 to 2013, to conclude these findings. Those people were wearing activity monitors for researchers to keep an eye of their physical activities. The data shows that if the people’s sedentary time were to change into active movements, the risk of early death lowers. For example, if people were to take a 30-minute break from their sitting, they will have a lower mortality risk because they have more opportunity to move.

Keith Diaz, the first author of the study, said that despite the intensity of a 30-minute physical activity, it will still lower the risk of early death. He also added, “Any movement for any length of time is going to give you health benefit.” Researchers are also hopeful that people would be encouraged to move more too.

A 30-minute activity in a day is just a small number but it would be beneficial in our life. So, if we want longer lives, we should get up and discipline ourselves to do physical activities more. It may be tiresome at first. But it will benefit us in the long run. So, quit sitting and start moving!