You may be wondering what snacks befit coffee breaks or tea time. Why not try some Shiba Inu-shaped marshmallows to satisfy your sweet tooth and fill your eyes with delight?

The marshmallows are made by hand that mirror an actual Shiba Inu’s facial features. This is the reason why it’s hard not to be fascinated with their lovable faces and soft texture.

The treats are filled with a mixture of chocolate and sweet bean paste that is perfect for those who admire Japanese desserts. It is also advisable to use these charming sweet treats as toppings for other confections such as parfaits and cakes.

These adorable munchies come from Felissimo, a Japanese online retail store. Surprisingly, this shop frequently sells cat-related products for feline fans.

They are sold online for 1,296 yen per box which contains nine various Shiba Inu marshmallows. They also come in an attractive package which is an excellent choice of gift for yourself or others. It may be difficult to consume the treats because they’re too cute to eat, but at least your heart will be full of joy just by looking at them.