Kanda, a district in Chiyoda, Tokyo, is famed for its wide selection of sporting goods stores, numbering about 50 shops just within a 500-meter range. The district provides high-quality stores that are popular for avid fans of snowboarding and skiing. But how exactly did Kanda turn out to be the hub for sporting goods?

Secondhand shops that catered to students in the area were abundant, according to Mikio Kadoya, a 60-year-old manager of a sports shop along Yasukuni-dori street. Kadoya added that from 1955 to 1964, sporting goods stores started to emerge after ice skating became in demand. The craze for anything related to skiing was further reinforced because of the Sapporo Winter Olympics in 1972.

The secondhand stores that once purchased items such as worn-out musical instruments from students began to market ski equipment. Eventually, some shops developed into sporting goods stores and large shops for sports were established one after another. Kanda’s popularity continued to skyrocket during the 1990s when huge crowds flocked around 80 shops. This resulted in the district’s development as the center of sporting merchandise.

Recently, ski resorts are striving to be more family-oriented and diverse in order to try out new snow activities such as “Japow”, Japan’s unique powder snow skiing. Choosing the right equipment is necessary for people to truly enjoy skiing, and Kanda will always be willing to lend a hand to anyone with their sporting wants and needs.