People certainly don’t pay attention to some valuable belongings that they use all the time everywhere. As an example, not everyone is aware that a lot of bacteria actually live in things that people use every day. Did you know that there are molds and mites that actually grow inside your smartphone cover?
Accumulative bacteria like molds and mites are found living on smartphone covers according to studies. Covers of smartphones produce a warm platform suitable for bacteria to reproduce in a minute. Just imagine how drastic a bug can replicate itself a million times in just 60 seconds!

A researcher in Osaka Museum of Natural History, Nobuo Hamada, quoted “I think there is no actual harm to the health, but it is necessary to pay a little consideration to cleanliness. If you regularly wipe the inside of the covers, you can drastically decrease the presence of molds.” Hamada examined 116 covers from smartphone users who took part in the research.

From March and April 2014, Hamada performed a research by swabbing a cotton onto the covers using a salt solvent. He rummaged molds from smartphone covers that ranged from 100 to 10,000 molds each and the most decayed carries 560,000 molds. Mold clumps like spider webs were apparently seen from other covers as well. Humidity helps bacteria form lives easily such as Aspergillus, a common mold that lives indoors and outdoors, and blue molds were spotted in phone covers.

Covers used for less than two years carry 26.4 molds while it dramatically swelled to 73.1 molds after more than two years of usage. Next, female users carry 24.0 molds with their smartphone covers which is less than the 28.8 molds from male users’ covers. Lastly, smartphone covers stowed in suitcases had a figure of 20.7 molds, covers stowed in coat’s pockets ran up to 23.8 molds and marked up to 32.5 for covers stowed in trousers.

Though it looks clean on the outside, the cover of the smartphone you have been using might be bugged! Have you checked your smartphone cover yet?