It is a great feeling to spend more time with nature to boost one’s health and wellbeing. These five different ways will make you closer to nature while living in the city:

Adjust your regular activity
As stated in the study conducted by the University of Exeter Medical School, spending two hours a week with nature, even for only short periods of time, gives improvement to one’s health. Dr. Mathew White from the University of Exeter Medical School suggested that a feeling of calmness could be the answer to have good health. Having a cup of coffee near a window or in the garden is a simple way to stimulate calmness.

Take a closer look at your surroundings
Leanne Manchester from the Wildlife Trusts encourages every person to look closely at trees, plants, and even weeds. Moreover, Director Jo Phillips of the Forest School Association recommends looking for “five beautiful things” to captivate a person’s senses. It could be trees, sunlight, mountains, seas, or living beings.

Partake in nature
Manchester claims that getting off the bus early or taking a walk during work breaks are easy methods to boost exposure to nature. Being responsible for nature is one of humans’ greatest priorities. Through these, future generations will have more knowledge and experience about nature.

Search for green areas online
Looking for nature reserves for relaxation and recreation should never be a problem for there are a lot of green spaces in every area. An online map that is able to locate different nature reserves is helpful in finding green spaces in one’s place. In addition, online maps provide a catalog of nature reserves that are accessible to everyone.

Take nature to your window
Growing a plant on a window shelf is a great offer for individuals who cannot go outside to explore nature. Also, putting a bird box close to the window is as good as growing plants. You can enjoy observing the birds from a window with a marvelous view.