Spending time with nature helps our body to become healthy. These five different ways will make a person closer to nature while living in the city:

Adjust your regular activity
A study made by the University of Exeter Medical School said that walking for 2 hours a week helps improve one’s health. Spending time in the garden with a cup of coffee is also a good way to feel closer to nature.

Take a closer look at your surroundings
Leanne Manchester of The Wildlife Trust recommends that every person should look closely at trees, plants, and even weeds. Also, Jo Phillips of the Forest School Association suggests looking for “five beautiful things” to attract a person’s senses.

Share in environment
Manchester said that walking during work breaks is one of the ways to improve our closeness to nature. Taking care of the environment should be our priority, too.

Finding parks online
Looking for parks online should not be a problem because there are many parks in every place. An online map that can find different parks in one’s place is helpful.

Bring nature to your window
Putting a bird box near the window is like taking care of plants. You can enjoy looking at the birds from a window with a wonderful view.