It’s splendid to spend more time in the presence of nature to enrich one’s health and wellbeing. It’s also possible to experience the feeling of being closer to nature while in the city by doing these five different ways:

Acclimate your habitual activity
According to a study administered by the University of Exeter Medical School, spending two hours a week with nature, even in brief moments, offers a positive effect on our health and wellbeing. Dr. Mathew White, who supervised the study, proposed that a feeling of tranquility could be the key to good health. Having a cup of coffee close to an open window or in the garden is an easy way to inspire calmness. Also, heading out during breaks or spending a few moments watching the night sky before going to bed are good ideas.

Take a closer look at your surroundings
Leanne Manchester from The Wildlife Trusts encourages every individual to look closely at trees, plants, and even weeds. According to Claire Francis of the charity Sensory Trust, going out and getting closer to nature doesn’t require a lot of effort. Moreover, Director Jo Phillips of the Forest School Association proposes looking for “five beautiful things” to captivate your senses. It could be trees, sunlight, mountains, sees or living creatures.

Partake in nature
Manchester claims that getting off the bus early or taking a walk during work breaks are easy methods to boost exposure to nature. If a person is taking a walk with someone, particularly children, Phillips advises to point out elements that catch a person’s attention. Being responsible for nature and everything on this planet is humans’ top priority. Through these, future generations will have knowledge and experience about nature.

Search for green areas online
Finding nature reserves for relaxation and recreation should never be a problem for there are adequate green places in every area. A searchable map online that is capable to locate different nature reserves is helpful in finding green spaces in one’s place. Furthermore, online maps provide a catalog of nature reserves that are accessible to everyone.

Take nature along to your window
Nurturing or growing a plant on a window ledge can provide interest for people who cannot go outside and explore nature. Also, placing a bird box near the window is as good as growing plants. You can enjoy observing the birds from a window with a fantastic view.