WeChat prohibits access to Zao, a popular face-swapping app in China, which made controversies regarding its privacy issue. Zao came out as the leading iOS app in China after it was launched on August 30 this year. However, the app’s privacy policy sparked a dispute when the app claims ownership of any content created on it. WeChat users can still upload videos created from Zao, but an error message about its restriction will be shown if people try to download the app.

Zao is an app that generates videos and replaces celebrities’ faces in famous TV shows or movies with the user’s selfie. It is currently available in China only, and its fame spread throughout the country after users began sharing their videos on various social media sites. The developers of Zao issued a memorandum on September 1, which states, “We completely understand everybody’s concerns about the privacy issue. We are aware of the issue and we are thinking about how to fix the problems, we need a little time.” The app’s terms and conditions now claim that its servers will remove all deleted content.