Ice cream has a way of bringing people sheer joy and comfort, whether it’s during the peak of summer or in the middle of winter. That’s why members of the Japan Ice Cream Association wondered why people in the Hokuriku region spend so much on ice cream. In order to find out, they have conducted a comprehensive study to answer the question, “Why do Kanazawa residents love ice cream so much?” The results feature five keywords.

1. Climate – Kanazawa citizens consume frozen treats more during the hot summer season and even when the temperature drops down to 5 degrees. In Ishikawa Prefecture, it rains on half of the days, so people spend more time indoors and eat luxury grocery items including ice cream mostly to indulge.

2. Household expenses – When two households work, they earn more and spend more on consumption. Kanazawa citizens also spend more on confectionery, coffee, cocoa, and other luxury groceries because they have the cash to spare, according to a report.

3. and 4. Retail and Lifestyle – Ishikawa Prefecture is second in terms of the number of department stores and general merchandise stores per 100,000 people, which makes it a highly convenient place to shop. Retailers often offer 40 to 50 percent discounts on ice cream products in bulk to encourage people to purchase. Moreover, because of the spacious houses, most responders to the questionnaire said that they have at least two refrigerators at home to stock up ice cream products and eat them whenever they want to.

5. Preference – Lastly, a report also added that Kanazawa citizens turn out to have a sweet tooth, and Kanazawa is actually the top-ranking city in Japan when it comes to spending money on cakes, chocolate, Castella sponge cakes, and other sweets.

With the variety of ice cream flavors, your cups will be overflowing with deliciousness that will make your whole house happy. If you ever visit Japan, go to Kanazawa prefecture and indulge yourself in some ice cream.