It’s going to be flu season again, so how do we recover from it? Let’s check out these five steps.

1. Ask for antivirals
If flu symptoms are starting, it is better to ask the doctor for antiviral medicine. Always ask for doctor’s prescriptions because antiviral side-effects might cause danger especially with those patients with diabetes and heart problems.

2. Get enough sleep
A study has shown that getting enough sleep keeps our immune system in good condition. Also, sleep can also help a person not to get the flu, especially if a person already has a flu vaccine.

3. Watch your food
A lot of experts believe in the importance of drinking because it helps with congestion and stops mucus formation. Foods rich in vitamin C like oranges, as well as those loaded in vitamin A like carrots, can help improve one’s immune system.

4. Keep yourself warm and stay at home
Being warm helps the body to save its strength to fight sickness. Stay indoors and take a rest until the fever subsides to stop the virus from spreading.

5. Give NAC supplements a try
A study has shown that N-acetyl L-cysteine (NAC) is a good antioxidant. It can shorten both the length and seriousness of flu by strengthening immunity, lessening respiratory mucus, and preventing the virus to reproduce.