It’s flu season again in most countries around the world. It’s necessary for us to prevent it from taking over our health. Here are the five ways of getting back on track after getting flu.

1. Inquire about antivirals
If flu symptoms are in its early stages, it is better to consult the doctor about antiviral drugs prescription. Such medications are most effective when taking in a period of 48 hours of initial signs and can lessen the flu’s period by one day. However, they will hardly be prescribed by doctors due to the hazards of their side-effects. Patients with medical conditions like diabetes or heart disease are advised to notably seek antivirals.

2. Acquire enough sleep
Studies have proven that sufficient sleep maintains a healthy immune system which keeps a high quantity of white blood cells needed to hinder viral infections. Basically, sleep can also help a person prevent from having a flu, particularly if a person has already done flu vaccination. The body can then generate more antibodies to act in response to immunization and protect the person.

3. Be mindful of your food consumption
Many experts are convinced by the importance of consuming a minimum of eight glasses of fluid during the period of flu, whether it is juice, water, or soup.
In addition, drinking soothes congestion and prevents the build-up of mucus in your lungs, which may result in pneumonia. Food like grapefruits and oranges that are high in vitamin C, as well as those loaded in vitamin A like carrots, can help improve one’s immune system.

4. Stay warm and stay at home
Keeping yourself warm aids the body to conserve its strength for the immune battle. Experts suggest staying indoors and taking a rest for no less than 24 hours until the fever dies down to prevent the virus from spreading. Also, this can diminish the danger of generating complications like pneumonia.

5. Give NAC supplements a go
According to a study, N-acetyl L-cysteine (NAC) is an effective antioxidant. For cysteine intake, an individual needs an adequate quantity of folate, vitamins B6, and B12 that can be found mostly in beans, spinach, bananas, and tuna. These nutrients are capable of flu time span and graveness reduction by strengthening one’s immunity.