Flu is coming to town. Check out these five ways to prevent yourself from getting a flu.

1. Inquire about antivirals
If flu symptoms persist, it is recommended to consult a doctor about antiviral drugs prescription. However, they will barely be prescribed by doctors due to the risk of their side-effects. Patients with health conditions like diabetes or heart disease should seek antivirals.

2. Get enough sleep
A study has shown that getting enough sleep helps maintain the good condition of our immune system, for it keeps high numbers of white blood cells that fight infections. Above all, sleep can also help a person decrease the chance of getting a flu, especially if a person had already had a flu shot. The body can create more antibodies in response to vaccination and protect one’s person.

3. Supervise your food intake
Many experts have no doubt about the importance of drinking a minimum of eight glasses of fluid during the period of flu, whether it’s juice, water, or soup. Moreover, drinking helps congestion and stops mucus formation in your lungs, which may result in pneumonia. Foods that are rich in vitamin C like grapefruits and oranges, as well as those loaded in vitamin A like carrots, can help improve one’s immune system.

4. Keep yourself warm and stay at home
Being warm helps the body save its strength to fight illnesses. Staying indoors and taking a rest for not less than 24 hours until the fever subsides can stop the virus from spreading. Moreover, this can lessen the danger of developing complications like pneumonia.

5. Give NAC supplements a try
A study has shown that N-acetyl L-cysteine (NAC) is an effective antioxidant. It can shorten both the length and severity of flu by strengthening immunity while lessening respiratory mucus, and preventing the virus’ capability to reproduce.