The Tokyo grand tea ceremony which teaches tourists the traditional way of Japanese tea custom took place in Tokyo last October. The Tokyo Metropolitan Government and the Tokyo Arts Council have been sponsoring the festival since 2008. It is part of the Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture that funds the culture and attractions of the nation’s capital. The Tokyo Grand Tea Ceremony was acknowledged as an autumn tradition when attendees from various countries have increased. The event has venues for indoor and outdoor activities which were arranged by the Masters of Tea Ceremonies from numerous schools. The outdoor tea ceremony was the most prominent for foreigners. The participants appreciated the tea while listening to the explanations about the ceremony.

Participants can learn the basics of the tea ceremony and appreciate traditional cultural experiences, such as ikebana (flower arrangement) and kimono dressing. The lecture was accompanied by an English guide. The organizer stated that the tea ceremony is not only about a person preparing tea for their guests but also a comprehensive art, and its aspiration is to advertise the art in Japan and abroad. They also hope to turn over to future generations the congenial spirit, which is the foundation of the traditional art.