The Japanese and Chinese governments are expected to expand the volume of flights connecting Shanghai and Japan’s metropolitan areas by next year. This is to ease traffic jams and upgrade the security service, the Japanese administration and other authorities said last November. The U.N. civil aviation agency that proposed to have this plan is also aiming to help Japanese airlines manage the growth of transportation requests due to the upcoming 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics. Japanese airports such as Nagoya, Narita, and Fukuoka are subject to the flight expansions.

Since late October, Chinese air-services have held a high record of flights to-and-fro Narita Airport. Both countries’ aviation authorities came to a mutual agreement to diminish restrictions on flights back-and-forth Shanghai and Beijing at Japanese regional airlines since then. Likewise, the International Civil Aviation Organization expects Japan and China to achieve proper agreement early next year and implement the plan in spring 2020.