Have you heard about the bad effects of using an alarm clock? One of these is being weak and feeling uncomfortable after bedtime. However, you couldn’t bear to stay active if you also have irregular sleep.

An Australian scientist group from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology or RMIT found out that their research about the health effects of an alarm clock is somewhat related to Sleep Inertia. The research came up to know if some of the harsh sounds in an alarm clock are the cause of having unbalanced and weak body performance and mindset. For the result of this analysis, 50 persons happened to have a high percentage of using drastic sounds.

A writer from RMIT, Stuart McFarlane, believes that if your sleeping habit is not actually the normal way of what it does, you may feel dizzy and it could lessen your brain and body’s performance. It could also lead to dangerous and harmful disasters. That’s why most people didn’t know that a certain sound coming from an alarm clock would cause some health effects like having a destructive mindset, groggy body behavior and unbalanced brain functions.

So, what if you could absolutely train yourself to wake up in the morning where you don’t need any loud sounds from your alarm clock? One way is to know how to use the process of following a twenty-four-hour sleeping cycle. Whenever you let your alarm force you to wake up before the readiness of your body, that’s the time you may feel sleepy as you have to carry out a very deep level of being tired. But when you wake up in a natural way, it will be helpful for you to reduce your tiredness because you’re ready to stop being unconscious.