A group of students in western Japan formed a group called “Yamadai nyanko daisakusen” that aims to help local “campus cats” loitering around Yamaguchi University. A multitude of stray felines in the university led the members to gather statistical data from these cats and give them medical services. The group conducts inspections on different locations where these animals congregate within the campus, update the cats’ population, and observe their appearances. This information will be recorded in a handbook to tell the cats apart from one another. The data from stray cats such as blood samples and other information will be collected for medical purposes. To further discuss these details, the group holds meetings about the cats’ living conditions and addresses issues including infectious diseases from cats.

The Yamadai nyanko daisakusen also teamed up with different organizations like the “Cat Circle” from Kyushu University in Fukuoka, an organization that is knowledgeable in animal welfare and dealing with stray cats. As part of its educational curriculum for veterinary students, the university examines the feasibility of conducting medical services to animals. A crowdfunding campaign was held last February 14 to cover these expenses.