Caused by the corona virus outbreak, the community understands how important hand washing is. Frequent hand washing with water and regular use of alcohol-based hand sanitizers becomes a basic routine in people’s daily lives, though it can cause dry and rough skin. But, will the use of hand cream increase bacterial growth?

According to the researches of both Dr. Lindsay Broadbent (Centre for Infection and Immunity at Queen’s University Belfast) and Dr. Stephen Griffin (University of Leeds), there was no harm in using hand cream. In fact, they mentioned that they use hand creams often. The main concern was on how to use them. As per study, bacteria and germs could survive in a dispenser’s opening so contact with it was not advised.

The use of tissue papers to push the dispenser was suggested. They advised that the skin is the first level of protection against these viruses and the importance of washing our hands is still a big factor for one’s safety.