Hanami or cherry blossom viewing is a renowned Japanese tradition especially because it signals the start of spring. And when it is springtime, the weather is nice and comfortable, a perfect day for cherry blossom viewing activities which occur in many different places all over Japan. But aside from sakura viewing, there are other ways to enjoy spring. Here are the fun activities that you can add to your bucket list during your spring vacation!

1. Attending sake festivals
Sake festivals in Japan offer free samples of different types of Japanese rice wine that visitors would surely love. The weather in spring is mostly cold while the sun shines brightly. A cup of sake could warm your feelings. If you like freshly made sake, Fukuoka is the best place to visit in Japan.

2. Strawberry picking
Although strawberry season has not yet been determined in Japan, Japanese farmers found a way so this fruit could grow during spring every year. If you like this sweet fruit, you can visit strawberry farms that are accessible to the public for ichigo gari or strawberry picking where you can pick and satisfy your mouth with strawberries without limit. Tochigi Prefecture is known to be Japan’s biggest grower of strawberries.

3. Foraging wild greens
If you’re fearless enough to wander in the forests of Japan, maybe you can appreciate sansai or foraging wild edible plants. All you have to do is bring your forager’s kit which includes kitchen scissors, a pocket knife, gardening gloves, and canvas bags to carry all your foraged vegetables. You may also want to bring a compass to not get lost in the wild! And don’t forget to wear something comfortable but can still protect your body while you’re hunting.

4. Hiking
The noise of the city can sometimes be overwhelming and you just want some quiet place to think. Perhaps you want to escape the town and go on a hike alone or with your hiking buddies! Japan is blessed with so many mountains perfect for hiking. Japan’s best mountains fit for spring hiking are Mount Takao, Mount Yoshino, Mount Shibutsu, Mount Yoneyama, and Mount Aso. Just be extra careful and follow proper guidelines when hiking.

5. Clam digging
Clam digging or shiohigari is one of the most beloved activities for lovers and even for the whole family in Japan. Littleneck clams or asari are harvested in spots open for digging on the beach during low tide. If you happen to harvest enough, you can create a nutritious meal like miso soup with clams because they are rich in calcium and vitamin B12. You will surely enjoy clamming at Marine Park, Futtsu Beach, Yoshida Beach, and Shinmaiko Shiohigari Jyo.