Sakura viewing is a well-known activity during the spring season in Japan. But do you know that there are other ways to have fun in spring besides cherry blossom viewing? Here is the list of activities that you may enjoy during springtime!

1. Attending sake festivals
Do you love free drinks? During sake festivals, sake storehouses let their visitors try a must-have sake without paying anything! These kinds of stores can be found in Fukuoka.

2. Strawberry picking
Who doesn’t love strawberries? If you like to enjoy picking and tasting strawberries to satisfy your cravings, come visit Tochigi Prefecture because it has the largest field of strawberries in Japan.

3. Look for wild greens
If you like to eat wild mountain vegetables, searching for wild plants is a good idea! Just make sure to bring the necessary tools and dress appropriately.

4. Hiking
To escape the city for a little while, hiking must be a good thing. Japan has many mountains fit for a good hike.

5. Clam digging
Have you tried miso soup with littleneck clams? If you want to cook this healthy meal rich in calcium and vitamin B12, try clam digging with your family or a loved one.