Concerned about your health? Do you want to have a better lifestyle and be free from illness? Then it’s time to break the bad habit, stop touching your face!

A lot of us admit that touching our face is one of the hardest things to do. We rub our eyes, scratch our nose, and touch our mouth often. But did you know that this bad habit will make you exposed to respiratory infections? According to Dr. Mary-Louise McLaws, an epidemiology professor and health care infection and infectious disease control in Australia, you’re welcoming a virus 11 ways to reach your body by simply touching your face. Our face is one of the entry points where viruses may come in so we must avoid touching it.

Health authorities are urging us to regularly wash our hands to protect ourselves from the coronavirus. As we all know, this coronavirus can cause a range of respiratory illnesses from the common cold to pneumonia. It can spread very easily and can infect us in just one shot when a sick person coughs and sneezes in a confined space. Just imagine you are inside the elevator and an infected person sneezes without covering his mouth, what are you going to do?

Based on an experimental study of rhinovirus, researchers found out that if a tiny virus was put on a finger, 40 percent could live for an hour and 16 percent could live for three hours. Most of the virus can survive longer on metal and plastics and will die in fabrics or tissue, so whenever you touch things made of metal or plastics, make sure you wash your hands properly or put some sanitizer on it. As Doctor William P. Sawyer, a physician and founder of said, if you wash your hands frequently, your body’s risk of transmitting infection will be reduced by 30 to 50 percent. Wearing makeup for ladies will also help a lot to avoid touching their face because it can make them conscious not to smudge it. Wearing glasses and hand cover would also be very effective in preventing direct contact with the virus.

Since touching our face is a difficult habit to break, we need to boost our awareness and efforts of not doing it. Let’s practice being mindful all the time. Let’s wash our hands frequently and use hand sanitizer or alcohol if water is not available. Always keep in mind that avoiding to touch our faces as much as possible is an important step against coronavirus and other viruses.