Worried about your health? Then, it’s time to stop touching your face!

Most of us agree that touching one’s face is one of the most difficult things to do. As per Dr. Mary-Loiuse McLaws, a professor of epidemiology, this poor habit can make you suffer from transferable diseases and encourage 11 ways for a virus to get into your body.

Health officials are asking us to frequently wash our hands to protect us from coronavirus. Viruses can spread easily by simply sneezing or coughing, particularly if that person is infected, without covering his or her mouth.

Keep in mind that if the object is made of metal or plastic, a virus will survive longer and will die if the object is made of tissue or fabric. Based on a rhinovirus experimental study, if a tiny virus is put on a finger, 40 percent might live for an hour and 16 percent might live for three hours.

There are many things we can do to avoid touching our faces and stop the virus from spreading. We can wear accessories like hand cover and glasses to avoid direct contact with the virus. Wearing makeup may also help as it will help people not to smudge it and lastly, let’s wash our hands regularly with soap and water, or use an alcohol or hand sanitizer if there’s no water available. Being constantly aware of what’s happening around us will help us to prevent any danger.