Eye-catching and a truly magnificent architectural work; that’s how Japan describes the Nakajima Library. This place provides a warm and cozy feeling especially for book enthusiasts. It brings the users to a whole new world by showing the tradition of Akita Prefecture. During Japan’s late Meiji period, the term “an Akita Beauty” was labeled in geisha by a literati who visited Akita City. Its beauty continued to shine even though the world of geisha disappeared at the beginning of the Heisei period.

In the suburbs of Akita City lies the beauty of Nakajima Library. It is named after the first president of Akita International University, Mineo Nakajima, who said, “Why can’t a library, which is the heart of a university, be open 24 hours a day like a convenience store?” The library is now known as the “library that doesn’t sleep” that sets it apart from other libraries.

During the establishing stage of Nakajima Library, the prefectural assembly of Akita demanded a cost reduction for this project. Despite this challenge, architect Mitsuri Senda used Akita’s cedar woods that resulted in an impressive two-storey wooden theme library with a concept of Japanese umbrella known as wagasa from its wooden roof down to its center base. Nakajima Library pictures a “Roman colosseum ” because of its semi-circular design and tier alignment of bookshelves.

Nakajima Library started to offer vast collections of local and international textbooks or all in 2008. It shows the union of knowledge and a wonderful learning environment that proves its title as the most beautiful library in Japan.