A company based in west Japan has developed a reusable nylon mask to give out to people. This year, it will be handed out to over 3,000 students in junior high school and younger children. The mask was mainly made from nylon material which is flexible, and fits perfectly onto the wearer’s face.

It is beyond the bounds of possibility to completely shield the children from all kinds of viruses, but the mask could protect them from people who have a cough or cold. The company turned over the masks to Nishiwaki City’s Mayor Shozo Katayama and his officials on March 19 this year.

The company will distribute two masks for each student in the city. According to Shohei Utaka, the company’s chairman, this is their contribution to the community in the midst of commotion in the society due to mask shortage. He also added that the company wants the people to be healthy using their washable masks in which they can reuse. Recently, it is difficult for people to get a mask. That is why this firm tried to find ways to create a product at a low cost but is still effective.