Japanese green tea is very popular around the world, but there are different Japanese teas that many people don’t know. This article will introduce the types of teas that will make you fall in love with.

Main Types of Japanese Green Tea

1. Matcha
Matcha is a fine green powder that shines when mixed with hot water. Its smell is very calming. We can drink and enjoy its taste in tea ceremonies. This tea is popular and people like to mix them with chocolates, ice cream, cakes, frappes and more.

2. Hojicha
Hojicha is a tea made of roasted leaves. It shows a beautiful brownish color when hot water is poured. A lot of Japanese people like hojicha for its calming taste. This tea is also loved by the Japanese people because of its taste and smell, and its brown color reminds them of autumn.

3. Sencha
Most Japanese restaurants serve sencha. This tea is quite popular because Japanese people like its taste and quality. It also has a lot of vitamin C and a clear yellowish-green color.

4. Genmaicha
Genmaicha is created when sencha tea is mixed with brown rice. Many Japanese like drinking genmaicha because of its nutty and toasted flavor.

5. Gyokuro
Gyokuro is one of the best blends in Japan. Some people outside of Japan might not like gyokuro because of its seaweed taste. We should drink it in little amounts to enjoy its unique flavor.

6. Konacha
This tea is made of tiny leaves. Most sushi restaurants serve konacha because it is inexpensive and has a strong flavor.

7. Bancha
Bancha is made from mature tea leaves. It creates a golden color when poured with hot water. It is not well-known outside Japan but popular among the Japanese because of its taste and quality.

Other than the teas mentioned above, Soba cha(from roasted buckwheat groats) and wakocha (Japanese Black tea) are also some of the varieties that the Japanese tea culture offers.