There are plenty of delicious types of teas all over the world. Japanese teas will definitely make you feel like riding on a roller coaster of flavors, for each type has its own interesting qualities. This article will show what sets Japanese culture apart when it comes to tea.

Main Types of Japanese Green Tea

1. Matcha
Matcha is a fine green powder that sparkles when mixed in hot water. It also has a calming scent. We can always drink and savor its wonderful taste in tea ceremonies. This tea is so popular that people have created several sweet combinations like matcha with ice cream, chocolate, cakes, frappes and more.

2. Hojicha
Hojicha is a type of tea that uses roasted tea leaves. It shows a beautiful brownish color and creates a mild taste when mixed with hot water. Hojicha is enjoyed by all generations in Japan for its taste, aroma, and the brown color that reminds them of the fall season.

3. Sencha
We can find sencha in most Japanese restaurants. Its soothing quality made it popular among the Japanese. Sencha is loaded with vitamin C, has a clear yellowish-green color and equally-balanced flavor.

4. Genmaicha
Genmaicha is a combination of sencha tea and brown rice. A lot of Japanese are interested in drinking genmaicha because of its toasted and nutty flavor.

5. Gyokuro
Gyokuro is one of the finest blends that Japanese love. Because of its subtle and distinct seaweed flavor, some foreigners may not be accustomed to its taste. One should consume it little by little to get used to its distinct taste.

6. Konacha
This type of tea is made out of tiny leaves. Konacha can be found in most sushi restaurants. They prefer konacha because it is cheap and has a strong flavor.

7. Bancha
Bancha is made out of mature tea leaves. Once mixed with hot water, it sparkles in a golden color. It is popular among the Japanese because of its fine taste and rich quality.

Apart from the teas mentioned, Sobacha (from roasted buckwheat groats) and Wakocha (Japanese Black tea) are also some of the varieties that the Japanese tea culture offers.